Nadis or The Energy Passages

Water flows down a channel, at office, a proposal has to pass through a hierarchy similarly there are channels through which energies flow in our bodies.

From the Yoga standpoint, 3 Nadis are extremely crucial:

1. Ida Nadi: represents moon, it calms down our nerves

2. Pida Nadi: symbolizes sun, propels activity 

3. Sushumna Nadi: signifies spirituality, awakens consciousness

All of us have different personalities. While some of us are short tempered (do more of yoga) 🙂 , others are more relaxed. Beside, our general personality characteristics, the Nadis too play an active role in determining our moods, state of activity etc. 

For instance, Ida Nadi lies in the left nostril and is most active at night during sleep i.e. no movement. We breathe more through the left nostril. Pingala occupies the right side of nostril and is live and kicking during the daytime when we are performing our daily tasks. Sushumna Nadi lies in the spine. It is only when Ida & Pingala become balanced, Sushumna gets activated and all 3 of them meet at the Mooladhara chakra in a deep meditative state. 

Interestingly, Ida is connected to the right hemisphere of our brain and that’s how it makes way for more creativity, artistic and emotional bent of mind. Pingala is connected to the left hemisphere of our brain, is more logical and mathematical. So now I know, which Nadi works more in Scientists:)

Closing one nostril and breathing through the other, activates the breath accordingly. Should you feel angry, stressed then close the right nostril and consciously deep breathe through the left. Similarly, if the Tamas trait is overpowering you then do only the right nostril breathing. Recommended strokes (minimum 11 or 21)

FEATURES ida pingala

Three most prominent Yoga Mudras

 I did touch upon the power of Mudras in my earlier blog; Mudras are essentially the psychic locks through which we try to block / stop dissipation of energy from our body.

It is believed that when we make the Gyan & Chin mudras, we conserve the energy of open nerves in our palms. While, Nasagra Mudra focuses in the center of eyebrow (the agni chakra or the third eye) and channelizes all energy towards our third eye. 

There are predominantly three types of Mudras:

Gyan Mudra or the circuit of knowledge 






Chin Mudra or the circuit of consciousness 

Nasagra Mudra or the nose tip